Developing a Theology of Organizational Leadership for Christian Ministry Post COVID 19
Cesar O. Irizarry

The development of a proper theology of organizational behavior must be based on God’s principle of order. Christian leaders have been tasked with providing followers with the principles of organizational behavior that will enhance the success of the ministry team as they strive to achieve missional goals. The COVID 19 pandemic era has brought to the forefront the multiple challenges that leaders need to address in order to face the new reality of working in the midst of a deadly virus (King & Carberry, 2020). Organizational behavior principles provide ample guidance to a ministry leadership team that seeks to establish ground rules to operate at a high level of performance. This article will seek to provide the proper parameters to develop a healthy theology of leadership based on organizational behavior theory.

Full Text: PDF     DOI: 10.15640/ijpt.v9n2a2