The Evolution of Ethical Economy from the Perspective of the Other
Lena Marinova, BSc. BA MA

Economic systems and business decisions correlate with familiar ethical issues. Although we are far from reaching a solution, the concept of ethical economy offers an approach on how to connect economic interests with ethical ones. Levinas" approach to a just economy is presented, which is yet unrecognized in the analytical discourse on the ethical economy. In his reference to Marx"s socio-economic critique, I posit the relationship between the worker and the capitalist to be significant for Levinas" understanding of the subject-other relationship. This argument shows how their models of intersubjectivity shape the notion of asymmetric responsibility and that the call for justice is supposed to be heard and responded to by changing the intentionality in economic relations from each-against-each to for-the-other.

Full Text: PDF     DOI: 10.15640/ijpt.v9n2a1