Pastors’ Abilities and Behavioural Preferences in Teamwork Outcomes
Helen Olomu Ishola-Esan, Ph.D

This study investigated the self-examination of some Pastors of the Nigerian Baptist Convention who were asked to examine themselves on what they think their own leadership abilities and behavioural preferences are and how such has impacted their teamwork performance in their leadership. The descriptive research design was adopted for this study. This method helped to find out the leadership abilities and behavioural preferences of Pastors that were examined. Out of 500 Pastors in Ogbomoso Baptist Conference Pastors" Fellowship (a sub set of the Nigerian Baptist Convention Pastors" Fellowship), 120 were selected as the sample using simple random sampling technique. The instrument used to collate data was a self-designed questionnaire which benefitted from literature. The reliability was determined in a test- retest method. A coefficient value of 0.87 was obtained. The data was analyzed using the simple percentage with graphical representation of results. Findings reveal impacts of Pastors" leadership abilities and behavioural preferences on teamwork outcomes in eighteen dimensions. Moreover, findings revealed that there is a significant relationship between Pastors" leadership behavioural preferences and team work outcomes since correlation is significant at the level 0.01 level (2-tailed). Therefore, Pastors in churches and other organisations should endevour to exhibit their abilities and behavioural preferences in bringing about impactful teamwork outcomes.

Full Text: PDF     DOI: 10.15640/ijpt.v9n1a3