The Development of the Jewish Settlement Project in Jerusalem in Ancient History
Osama M. Abu Nahel

In academic studies, it is not permissible for any researcher to talk about the settlement of anthropological people or a religious group to a land without discussing the importance of the land they will settle in .Jews, for example, viewed the land and its settlement from a purely religious perspective, while giving their view of that land a historical touch, unlike what happened to all the peoples that occupied the lands of others. The writers of the Old Testament, when they began writing it at the end of the Babylonian Exile, made a great effort to delude other peoples, especially the Canaanite people who were the real owners of the land, that the Lord had given them this land and not others. Because the land is the basis for any settlement project, it was necessary for this project in Jewish thought that is based mainly on Machiavellian, and the exploitation of others, to translate it on the ground through the land of Palestine intended to seize and settle in general, and the city of Jerusalem in particular. And to show the translation of the settlement of the concept of the land by the writers of the Old Testament, they began this actual translation, from the command of the Children of Israel after the death of Moses, peace be upon him, to his servant Joshua bin Nun.

Full Text: PDF     DOI: 10.15640/ijpt.v8n1a4