Eyo, Emmanuel Bassey PhD

Rarely do philosophers and scholars endeavour to examine Jesus Christ‟s teachings from the perspective of philosophythis is because it is presumed that Christ‟s teachings fall within the ambience of religion and theology.Philosophy as a discipline of study has been misunderstood and most times characterized by abstract considerations. This article titled: Jesus Christ the Philosopher:An Expose'brings out the fact that some teachings of Jesus Christ are and ought to be understood as being philosophical. The article looks at Jesus as a historic person, exclusive of post-resurrection Jesus Christ which is fundamentally an issue of faith. The main objective of this work is to uncover, expose and write on the teachings of Jesus Christ which are philosophical. Certain areas of philosophy inherent in Christ teachings are in the areas ofSocial Philosophy viz: Leadership Philosophy, Philosophy of Peace and Conflict Resolution, Ethics and Virtue Ethics and Law. The conclusion of this article is that Jesus Christ‟s teachings are philosophical and thereby captures Jesus Christ as a philosopher.

Full Text: PDF     DOI: 10.15640/ijpt.v7n2p2