Revisiting the Nature of the Relationship between Myth and Philosophy Today: Reports of Opposition or Collaboration?
Alain-Patrice Minkanda, Ph.D

This study revisits the nature of the relationship between myth and philosophy in order to know whether it is antagonism or collaboration that characterize them. So we wish to know if the opposition between myth and philosophy is insurmountable and if there is a tight partition between symbols and rational thinking. It is also important to know whether recourse to myth is synonymous to a renunciation of thought or whether myth supersedes dialectics. We also examine the question of whether philosophy is a revival of muthos in a conceptual language, whether muthos is inferior to logos, and whether myth and thought are part of the rational. On examining these questions, it appears that the opposition between myth and philosophy is not insurmountable. Indeed, reflection from myths is likely to lead to interesting philosophical conceptualizations. Philosophy is not only a revival of the muthos, and it is not epistemologically fertile to consider the relations between myth and philosophy from the angle of inferiority or superiority.

Full Text: PDF     DOI: 10.15640/ijpt.v6n2a2