Miracles versus Science
Dr Fordson V Chimoga

In this article the main focus is miracles versus science. Miracles do not mean anything to most scientists today. They look at those who promote miracles as if they are primitive. They feel that there is no tangible reason for holding on to miracles. And more than that miracles have no room for experimentation. You cannot prove a miracle, thus why most scientists would not spend a dime to know what makes them happen and for why? On the other hand, those who believe in miracles are somewhat negative about science. They believe that science has nothing to do with God. They shun paying attention to scientific findings, even when the findings are valid and helpful. They condemn everything that is scientific. However in this article I want to tackle the topic with balance. Is there room for miracles in peopleā€Ÿs existence on earth? Are miracles helpful or do they have something that is beneficial? Are there times miracles can shade light on the puzzles of this world? Is it morally right to ignore miracles totally? What about science? Is it all wrong? Who says it is wrong, and why? Are all scientific findings to be put in a trash, or there is something even a miraculous believer can benefit? These and many issues will be addressed in this article. It is not my intention to side with one side at the expense of another. The goal is to strike the balance so that miraculous believers can benefit from science and vice versa.

Full Text: PDF     DOI: 10.15640/ijpt.v5n2a6