Unconditional Love in the Face of Hatred: Applications of a Timeless Teaching
Fran Grace

Love is one of the most discussed virtues in theological and philosophical literature. In spite of centuries of teaching on the singular power of unconditional love, there are few examples of its actual practice in the public sphere. The world does not lack for philosophies and methods of social change, but lasting successes are few. The most effective movements (e.g., those led by Mohandes K. Gandhi, Nelson Mandela, and Martin Luther King, Jr.) were pulsed by a philosophy or theology that emphasized the power of love, inner nobility, and the innate dignity of humankind. These movements stand the test of time because they met the ultimate challenge of sustained practice of unconditional love in the face of hatred, without lapsing into naïveté and wishful thinking. The article explores this challenge in light of a recent terrorist attack, drawing on firsthand interviews with esteemed spiritual leaders from around the world.

Full Text: PDF     DOI: 10.15640/ijpt.v5n2a1