Reality and Value
Dr. Qamar Sultana

In this research article I have laid stress on the two fundamental aspects of human life i.e. ‘’values and importance of reality’’. This is not a new topic in the history of philosophy. Philosophy since the days of antiquity has debated over it. As philosophy keeps an eye and encompasses the whole universe so it’s impossible to ignore this aspect. In the present article I have mentioned all the references from Plato to modern philosophers, keeping in mind the type and nature of value objectively and subjectively, i.e. what are values? From where values come? How they influence human life and the prevailing conditions subsequently. I have acquainted my work to the philosophy of Iqbal in general and Quranic verses for this purpose in particular. Consequently, scientific and phenomenal aspect is deemed in complete without values. In this context values are those spiritual powers that determine the path of reality.

Full Text: PDF     DOI: 10.15640/ijpt.v5n1a6