Religion, Theology and Terrorism in Indonesia: Reconstruction of Theo-Anthropocentric Theology
Prof. Dr. Syamsul Rijal , Dr. Mukhamad Ilyasin, Dr. M. Abzar, Umiarso4 M.Pd.I

The seed of terrorism in the name of Islam has systematically emerged. The movements have massively hijacked Islamic doctrines which they formulate as “theology of terrorism.” This theology is built on the basis of fiqh aljihad, kitab al-qital, al-kufr, and amar ma’ruf wa nahi munkar. These concepts are mostly understood textually, fundamentally and radically. This research is conducted in Indonesia as an attempt to neutralize the radical ideology. The concrete form of this attempt is by providing a moderate understanding on theology on terrorism based on humanistic-theocentric principles through a concept of the-anthropocentric theology. This theology will enable human beings to be treated as God creature which will analyze the fact in more integral and holistic ways.

Full Text: PDF     DOI: 10.15640/ijpt.v5n1a4