Israel’s Jubilee and the Issue of Lordship, a Paradigm for the Christian Community
Owen Facey

The economic system proposed by Israel’s Jubilee is no longer relevant today but the principles of the Jubilee offer an instructive paradigm for Christian living. The issue of Jubilee concretizes the claim of Lordship over the lives of a believing community. This paper examines the concept of Lordship as the basis of covenantal relationship between Israel and her God. It focuses on Leviticus 25 and especially 26 to show that the Abrahamic Covenant that God established as an everlasting covenant illustrated God’s unconditional obligation to Israel, but 500 years later God would establish a new covenant with them through Moses. This new covenant was conditional upon Israel’s acceptance of Yahweh’s claim of Lordship. Israel disobeyed and were scattered into exile. Yahweh restored them through their repentance and promised them salvation through a Messiah. The Messiah becomes the linkage between the people of Torah and the Gentiles of the New Testament.

Full Text: PDF     DOI: 10.15640/ijpt.v5n1a2