Common Originating Philosophy of Zen and Vajrayana Buddha Nature or Tathāgatagarbha
Dr. WONG Wah Sang

Tathāgatagarbha in Sanskrit is commonly translated as Buddha Nature in English. Realization of Tathāgatagarbha in Vajrayana is equivalent to seeing the original nature of the Buddha in Zen Buddhism. The meaning of Tathāgatagarbha or Buddha Nature as the objective of enlightenment can be found in the teachings of both Zen and Vajrayana though superficially the practices, the monks and the temples look different. The practice of Zen adopts a direct simple method while Vajrayana follows a more systematic approach. Appearance of costumes and architecture just conforms to the local culture. Zen emphasizing on ordinary daily life is similar to Vajrayana playing attention to everyday conduct. It is a knowledgeable study to see these two schools though miles apart are in fact from the same originating philosophy.

Full Text: PDF     DOI: 10.15640/ijpt.v4n2a4