Kamit and the Will to Power
Oumarou Mazadou, PhD

The quest for power and will to power is a basic and fundamental value which penetrates all modes of human existence, the evolution of knowledge and truth. All humans desire power and have aspirations to power in order to preserve and enhance their lives. The will to power is the main driving force in humans toward achievement, ambition and the striving to attain the highest position in life. Some philosophers even consider the will to power to be superior to the will to live. However, with the Kamit, the will to power in its striving for survival in the historical progression seem to negate the drive or manifests itself in the lowest degree. Additionally, an authentic discourse on the Kamit’s will to power seems to be missing in the collective will or human consciousness, due to oppressive systems with domineering imperialistic ideologies impelled by the will to dominate our existence and structures of power aimed at supplanting the true African ones. Thus, this research critically questions if the will to power pervades all modes of existence and is a legitimate form of engagement, and if it is willed or willing with the Kamit.

Full Text: PDF     DOI: 10.15640/ijpt.v4n1a5