The Deity’s Nothingness towards a nihilistic mysticism of Eckhartian inheritance
Héctor Sevilla Godínez

The main objective of this piece resides in demonstrating some of the essential elements of the Eckhartian Project that are fused to a nihilistic mysticism that observes (without observing) a manifestation of the deity in nothingness; this is to say, a Nothingeity. In fact, said term is introduced in this article, understanding it as a proposal about the manners in which to conceive that which is sacred, based on the contemplation of Nothingness. The attention is centred on some of the sermons elaborated by Eckhart, on two of his treaties and on the Bull, with which his writing was prohibited.

Full Text: PDF     DOI: 10.15640/ijpt.v3n2a8