Borderless Philosophy of Technology: Intercultural Exchange and Spread for Technology between the West and the East
Gui Hong Cao

This project aims to investigate related processes, routes, and issues associated with the exchange and spread of the philosophy of technology. Using textual analysis, an examination of historical phases and spatial theory, and comparative research on schools of thought, this study investigates the international exchange and spread of the philosophy of technology. This article analyzes the critical approaches, theories, programs, and contributions of scholar schools, the eastward spread of Western culture as intercultural exchange and spread process, and the theme of technological revolution. This paper further explores the various barriers and reasons for this exchange and reception, thus proposing a global philosophy of technology with an intercultural technology program and an intercultural exchange and reception mode with endogenous and exogenous approaches. The technological development is led by the philosophy of technology and motivated by technological policies. An empirical turn and an ethical turn in the philosophy of technology are conducive to change and eliminate the survival and ecological crisis of nature. This study helps to improve the international communication and the practice of learning from each other about the philosophy of technology. Therefore, it strengthens the internationalization course and a disciplinary progress to achieve success for a great future.

Full Text: PDF     DOI: 10.15640/ijpt.v3n2a6