The Theology and Sustainable Development Nexus: Connecting the Dots
Alobwede John Ngome

There is a vibrant nexus between theology and sustainability. The genesis of the world, nature, humans and the entire creation are theologically established. God in His sovereign nature created and shaped the world and its species to be “beautiful”. He bestowed upon His highest creation (man) the responsibility and mandate of environmental stewardship, to watch over, enjoy and preserve God’s creation. Human subsistence therefore directly depends on God’s diverse creation. Man’s responsibility to survive on nature and ensure surveillance and the preservation of God’s creation fits neatly into the philosophy of sustainability. Man’s environmental stewardship and prosperity (multiply) while, preserving the natural and biological diversity of God’s creation, implies that man could pursue his own development without jeopardizing the prospects of successive generations to develop and relay on the same nature for their own survival and development. Using the theory of sustainability, this paper examines the nexus between Theology and Sustainable Development. Establishing the correlation between both notions, this research explores various ways in which sustainability is rooted in theology and/or how both philosophies are intertwined.

Full Text: PDF     DOI: 10.15640/ijpt.v3n2a2