Theology and Philosophy to the World-Historic Mediation in Hegels Philosophy
Ass. Prof. Aleksandar M. Petrovic

Classical argument for the principle of contradiction in the formal logic is himself metaphysically founded in a Aristotle’s concept of `bebaiotate arche`. It was not contradiction nor to the Platos dialectical method of the conceptualization, from the side of the dwelling of the concepts within themselves, with the intention to come in intelligibly entis of the God of justice and truth. Contributing with a principle dialectical identity, as he stay in possibility to be able to give a transition from the level of finite things on the level of concrete speculatively, is the one of the postulates of Hegels Knowledge of Logic. It is necessary to say that it is phenomenological approach to the finite things, in which the knowledge about experience of consciousness as a phenomenology of spirit, enlighted a differentiations inside consciousness herself as a education that consciousness by her alone, and connected with a goal to accept the religious truths in the dwelling to the adherent contentions in conceptualizations and representations of them. It is a sense of the definition of elements of absolute idea in the Kingdom of Father by Hegel, and a consideration of a absolute divorcing with a martyred of the Divine Person of Son in the instituting the differences in the world, and throw allconqueste signature of the human being in the perspective to opening the Kingdom of Spirit in the sphere of three substantial society or conversion of the Wholly Trinity in the spiritual all unity of reality. The speed of the concept of logical contradiction is related with the frustrated sentence The God is daed`, who means power of the new living in the dynamical identity. The concept of dead will be in kargo of partial finality by the formal logical identity, because the God is resurrected, or come on the Heavens by the right of the Father and in the same time bee presently (in the parousia) in the ecclesiastical community apostolically founded, working in the Person of the Holy Spirit also, because He is one substantial with Him. And it is love in her educational energy shape, as a condition of the respect full living of intelligent being.

Full Text: PDF     DOI: 10.15640/ijpt.v3n1a9