The Concept of Elohim and Theos in an Urhobo Cosmological Context: A Biblical Perspective
Dr. John Arierhi Ottuh, Revd. Reuben Edafenene Ojighoro

The understanding of Elohim and Theos in the Old and New Testaments respectively relate to the Urhobo understanding of Oghene (the Supreme Being-God). While the Hebrew word Elohim and Greek word Theos mean God, the Urhobo word Oghene also means God. Using the comparative paradigm as a method, the paper aimed at comparing the concept of Elohim (Old Testament) and Theos (New Testament) with the Urhobo concept of Oghene. The paper showed that the Urhobo nation in Nigeria like the Jews has a name for God and that name is Oghene. The paper also argued that Oghene is the same thing as Elohim and Theos. In both the Jewish, Greco-Roman and Urhobo cultural milieus the concepts of Elohim and Theos revealed an understanding of a Supreme Being who created the universe and all things in it and the object of man’s worship. Whatever name a people know the Supreme Being with should be seen as powerful and should be valued by Christians of such nation and other nations.

Full Text: PDF     DOI: 10.15640/ijpt.v3n1a20