Relevance of the Metaphysical Discussion Concerning Divine Sciences in Molina's Concordia and Báñez's Apology
David Alvargonzález

This paper argues the case for the actuality of the doctrine of two 16th-century Spanish scholastics, Luis de Molina and Domingo Báñez, which led to an important debate in the so-called De auxiliis Congregations. Said Congregations discussed how God lends his aid to men for them to act; thus divine omnipotence and omniscience can be compatible with human freedom. A brief summary of the positions held by the two protagonists of the discussion will be given in the first part of the paper. The second part is an attempt to uphold the actuality of this scholastic debate for today’s philosophy of human sciences: we shall compare narrative history with the divine ‘science of vision’, and efficacious human techniques with God’s ‘middle science’.

Full Text: PDF     DOI: 10.15640/ijpt.v3n1a12