A Hermeneutical Application of the Iconic Gaze in Jean-Luc Marion’s Postmodern Phenomenology to Galatian 3:28 A Template for an Expression of Christian Love
Ilesanmi Ajibola

On the basis that the functionality of love cannot be abandoned in the world that needs such concept to face the variety of challenges that characterize the contemporary human society, the paper makes a cogent argument that relies, in part, on the 'face' as an icon in Jean Luc-Marion's works. The engagement is made to establish a basis for a call to a loving encounter with the 'Other' as per the example offered in Galatian 3:28. The paper recognizes the concept of love as central to Christianity and as the hub on which the religion functions. It presents Marion’s concept of the face as a good point to begin a recapturing of the call to love the Other. It seeks to consider elements in Marion’s phenomenology that may help recapture the concept as may be applicable in Christianity. It is proposed that, if the way we constitute people is not reconsidered and the offer of an ‘iconic gaze’ in the order that Marion presents it, is not taken seriously in Christian hermeneutics, Christians might continue to find it difficult to love in a manner devoid of categories that constitute people as Greek, Jew, Slave, freeman/woman, etc.cf. Galatian 3:28.

Full Text: PDF     DOI: 10.15640/ijpt.v2n4a8