Names and Behavior: Case of the Name “Muhammad”
Raja Irfan Sabir, Farooq Nawaz, Usman Zakir, Maira Naeem, Talha Anjum

Names have great impact on the personality and behavioral traits of a person. Muslims mostly name their children (male) on the names of Prophets (Peace be upon All) and the devoted Companions (May Allah be Pleased with All) of Prophet Muhammad (Peace be Upon Him). The name of the last Prophet “Muhammad (Peace be Upon Him)” is used with most of the names e.g. Muhammad Abu Bakar, Muhammad Umer, Muhammad Usman, Muhammad Ali, Muhammad Bilal, Muhammad Junaid, Muhammad Ahmed, etc. Very rare research has been done on the impact of name on one’s personality and behavior. Furthermore, no research has been carried out specifically by considering the name “Muhammad (Peace be Upon Him)” which is the world’s most popular name. This research is aimed at exploring the impact of the name “Muhammad (Peace be Upon Him)” on one’s personality.

Full Text: PDF     DOI: 10.15640/ijpt.v2n4a7