Ongoing Global Dialogue on Legal Education
M. Isabel Garrido Gómez

Nowadays, the matter of global dialogue is a subject of great relevance for the legal education and has special key words. We live in a world which moves towards an heterogeneous pluralism that must be harmonized as an expression of globalization and, more specifically of phenomena such as the creation of the European Union, Mercosur or the Free Trade Agreement. The migratory movements and the resurgence of nationalisms make the situation become more complex, with certain consequences in sovereignty’s traditional concept, in Law’s production sources and in the creation of new jurisdictional bodies. For these reasons, the reality of Law demonstrates a number of problems which need to be overcome through a new understanding and the implementation of new legal techniques for the professionals. The article concludes with a discussion about whether this system would solve the problems that it was designed to remedy.

Full Text: PDF     DOI: 10.15640/ijpt.v2n3a9