Cardinal Principle of Impeachment Process in Public Office: Islamic Overview
Dr. Fatai Owolabi Jamiu

Impeachment has been regarded as a process of removing or disposing a person from public office.The paper aims at bringing into limelight the principles of impeachment of public office holders who have deviated from laid down regulations. This is done to correct anomaly. This principle of impeachment from public office has been in existence in the Islamic political system in the far away Arabian Peninsula. This is the main reason why this paper tries to discuss the principle of impeachment in the public office in the seventh century of Christian era in a view of Islam. The paper tries to define some words that have to do with the topic. It examines public office in Islam as well as the procedure of impeachment in Islam and thereafter looks at various causes that could lead to it.It ends with a conclusion. In carrying out this paper, I have relied on government text-books. At the end, the reader would have been convinced as regards the tremendous ways Islam has resolved the issue of impeachment.

Full Text: PDF     DOI: 10.15640/ijpt.v2n3a8