The Consequences of Immigration Reform on the American Political Parties
Stephen Balkaran

The political debacle of the current immigration debate has left the United States of America divided along racial, ethnic and political lines, never seen before in our great country. The Comprehensive Immigration Reform policies are directly related to the future of America, both to the American people as to who we are and what we stand for, but more so to the political parties as they try to court America’s greatest asset. The Hispanic Vote. The political importance of the Hispanic vote is closely tied to Immigration reform and, whether or not we admit it, the American Presidency will be dictated by the Hispanic vote. This vote, which can be utilized by both political parties, will now define the American political process and who or which party controls the future political structure of America. The growth of the Hispanic electorate is an important factor in the increasing number of congressional races across the country. Both our political parties have redefined their political agenda to cater to the Hispanics’ ever growing presence. Politically their votes remain hugely important for both Democratic and Republican campaigns. Both the Democrats and Republicans have agreed that the Hispanic Immigration agenda must be dealt in a very sensitive but cautious way, their votes will define America's political landscape. The underlying truth remains: despite what roles the Democratic and Republican parties play in comprehensive immigration reform, it will have an important future impact on which political party,Hispanics, aswing vote demographic, will align themselves with.

Full Text: PDF     DOI: 10.15640/ijpt.v2n3a3